Highlights of Inter Miami’s match against El Salvador: Lionel Messi makes his preseason debut and plays half of the game.


When the Argentine superstar made his preseason debut against El Salvador, the excitement surrounding Lionel Messi’s transfer to Inter Miami reached a fever pitch. The match lived up to the high expectations of football fans throughout the globe who were excited to see the renowned striker play. With an emphasis on Lionel Messi’s electric presence on the pitch, we will explore the major events, memorable performances, and general excitement surrounding Inter Miami’s match against El Salvador in this in-depth essay.

Though it ended quickly, Lionel Messi’s 2024 Inter Miami preseason debut was justified.

In their first preseason game against the El Salvador national team on Friday night, Inter Miami’s big four—Messi, Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba—all former Barcelona standouts—only played the first half. In a scoreless tie, the game was concluded.

Every time Messi touched the ball at Estadio Cuscatlán in San Salvador, El Salvador, the crowd sent out a huge applause. When he left the Inter Miami bench in the 87th minute to walk to the locker rooms, the supporters waved him off. The global most popular soccer player is Lionel Messi.

Before the 2024 Major League Soccer season officially starts, Inter Miami will embark on a preseason globe tour that will cover more than 25,000 kilometers. This was only the start of the journey.

What time is Inter Miami’s next game you were playing?

The next preseason encounter between Inter Miami and FC Dallas takes place at Dallas’ Cotton Bowl Stadium on Monday night.



What was the performance of Messi and Inter Miami vs El Salvador?

Messi missed two opportunities in the first half to wow the supporters with a goal. Just before halfway, he gave a free kick into a huddle of defenders. In the 35th minute, Mario Gonzalez, the goalie for El Savador, saved a shot on goal that he attempted.

In the first half, Alba also received touches from Suarez and Busquets but squandered a chance on goal that Gonzalez stopped. However, Inter Miami’s big four were replaced as the second half started.

Tata Martino, the coach of Inter Miami, was very careful with the starting lineup. In the sixty-third minute, Justin Gressell, Benjamin Cremaschi, DeAndre Yedlin, and Tomas Aviles, the other four Inter Miami starting, were replaced.

Furthermore, Facundo Farias, a potential young player who was back on the squad from the previous season, left with what appeared to be a knee injury, thus Inter Miami played with 10 men in the end.

It was the first time since 2020 that Messi, Suarez, Busquets, and Alba had played together. Since joining Inter Miami in July of last year, Messi and his colleagues have only worn their black jerseys twice.

Facundo Farias of Inter Miami departs due to a knee injury.

A young, talented player for Inter Miami injured himself and had to leave the game.

Just prior to the seventieth minute of play, Facundo Farias had to be helped off a stretcher due to what seemed to be a knee injury. Instead of playing with eleven players, Inter Miami will end this encounter with ten men on the field.

As the second half got underway, Farias replaced Messi in the game. His availability is now likely to be uncertain for the remainder of Inter Miami’s preseason and, depending on the severity, maybe for the entire season.

After halftime, Messi, the star of Inter Miami, leaves the game

After the opening 45 minutes of play, Messi’s night is finished.

Inter Miami’s Big Four went to the bench at the start of the second half. At Friday’s game against El Salvador at the Estadio Cuscatlán in San Salvador, El Salvador, Messi, Luis Suarez, Jordi Alba, and Sergio Busquets were changed out.

While Inter Miami’s global preseason tour is scheduled to take place over the next 20 days, it may not be for as long as supporters in El Salvador would have liked. Inter Miami will also be playing a lot of games in 2024.

Messi left the field at the start of the second half, walking out with Busquets and Alba sitting on Inter Miami’s bench beside him.

Messi missed a free kick in the last second of the first half and another opportunity in the 35th minute, thus he did not score in his actions. Nonetheless, Messi was felt by the El Salvadorian supporters, who enthusiastically celebrated each time he touched the ball.

You may watch the remaining portion of the game in English on and in Spanish on

Just before halfway, Messi scored a free kick, and Inter Miami defeated El Salvador 0 to 1.

Messi’s stage was once more set with a free kick. However, it seems Messi was unprepared for El Salvador’s defensive alignment.

After kicking the ball low into the defenders’ mass, Messi left the field as halftime approached without a goal from either team.

After Luis Suarez sent the ball to Messi, a defender confronted him.

Messi seemed to have been booted in the left foot by the defender during their collision, as he was momentarily left lying on the field.

Messi seemed alright following the exchange.

The question now is how much Messi, Suarez, Busquets, Alba, and other players prepare for Inter Miami’s intense preseason schedule.

Inter Miami 0, El Salvador 0; Jordi Alba misses in 40′.

To no effect, Jordi Alba attempted to score a shot on the El Salvadorian goaltender.

Alba’s shot was easily parried by goalie Mario Gonzalez.

A scoreless first half might yet happen for Messi and Inter Miami in a few minutes.

El Salvador 0 Inter Miami 0 Messi misses in 35′

Messi fired high and straight at the El Salvadorian goaltender in the 35th minute, but the goalie stopped it.

Messi was unable to get off another clear shot as soon as he collected the rebound.

However, Messi almost had his memorable moment.

As Messi collapsed to the ground, Sergio Busquets used his extended leg to pass the ball to him, starting the sequence.

In the first half of the game, Messi, Luis Suarez, Busquets, and Jordi Alba had all been touched.

El Salvador 0 Inter Miami 0 Messi misses in 35′

Messi fired high and straight at the El Salvadorian goaltender in the 35th minute, but the goalie stopped it.

Messi was unable to get off another clear shot as soon as he collected the rebound.

However, Messi almost had his memorable moment.

As Messi collapsed to the ground, Sergio Busquets used his extended leg to pass the ball to him, starting the sequence.

In the first half of the game, Messi, Luis Suarez, Busquets, and Jordi Alba had all been touched.

Inter Miami 0, El Salvador 0; Messi misses in 35′.

In the 35th minute, Messi sent a high, straight shot at the El Salvadorian goalkeeper, who deflected it.

Messi failed to produce another clear shot as he collected the rebound.

But Messi was on the verge of having his big break.

The action started when Sergio Busquets went to the ground and extended his leg to pass the ball to Messi.

The first half of the encounter saw touches from Messi, Luis Suarez, Busquets, and Jordi Alba.

Hey, there is merit to using the preseason, which Inter Miami started about a week ago, to work off the offseason rust.

El Salvador has had two chances to score but has failed on each of them, indicating that Inter Miami’s defense has been a little unsteady.

Messi shares a picture of his new Adidas sneakers.

While several of his Inter Miami colleagues are also sporting the same color cleats, Leo Messi may be found by checking for the ones with the highlight color.

Earlier last week, Messi uploaded two pictures of himself on Instagram that displayed his yellow highlight Adidas cleats, which he wore for the El Salvador game.

5′ update: In the first few minutes, when Messi touches the ball, the crowd roars.

In the opening two minutes, Messi had touched the ball twice, and each time he gained possession, the El Salvadorian audience sent out a loud roar.

Luis Saurez was the recipient of Messi’s opening pass of the match in the box. Excitement was generated even though Suarez was unable to make a play with the ball.

A number of El Salvadorian players confronted Messi close to middle, and he even attempted a play on one knee before the play was reset.

Seeing Messi, Suarez, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba together again on the same field in 2024 is strange. However, this is Inter Miami as it is now.

How to watch the Inter Miami game between Messi and El Salvador

The Inter Miami game versus El Salvador is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. ET and will be webcast in both Spanish and English on and

Messi in the starting lineup for Inter Miami vs El Salvador

The starting lineup for Inter Miami includes Messi, Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba.

The initial lineup is as follows:

For the El Salvador encounter, Inter Miami will wear black jerseys.

For Friday’s game, Inter Miami will be represented by black jerseys.

There is a difference, though: the foundation emblem of Inter Miami is now included on the front of the shirt outfit.

This shirt will be used by Inter Miami on January 22 in the FC Dallas preseason encounter as well as the match against El Salvador.

In what capacity will Messi play?

Before traveling to Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, Inter Miami will play preseason games in El Salvador and Dallas. Over 25,000 miles will be flown by Inter Miami total. Consequently, the amount of time that some players may play will be restricted.

When Tata Martino, the coach of Inter Miami, announced last week that some players will play less minutes in the first two preseason games—the second of which is scheduled for January 22 at Dallas’ Cotton Bowl Stadium versus FC Dallas—he unintentionally made a stir that week.

“We need to strike a balance between each player’s level of participation,” Martino stated on January 11 during the MLS media day. We will be prepared for the games in Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, and Japan, which were scheduled since the conclusion of the previous season. Given how quickly we have the first two games against El Salvador and Dallas, the issue is how we will handle those. The amount of time that certain players can spend playing in such games will need to be decided.

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4.Communications with Coworkers

The examination of Messi’s assimilation into the squad highlights his relationships with teammates both on and off the ball. The possible influence Messi’s arrival may have on Inter Miami’s playing style is shown by concentrating on important alliances and developing relationships within the team.

5.Response from El Salvador

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8.The Influence of Messi Away From the Field

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In summary:

The piece ends with a summary of the most important lessons learned from Inter Miami’s preseason opener against El Salvador, with a focus on Lionel Messi’s contributions both on and off the field. The book fills readers with excitement for the forthcoming season and the promising futures that await Inter Miami and its new talisman.

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