Bengals defeat Vikings in overtime after a furious comeback in the fourth quarter.

The 8-6 Bengals, led by quarterback Jake Browning (324 yards passing), overcame a 14-point fourth-quarter deficit and won 27-24 with 3:11 remaining in overtime thanks to a 29-yard field goal by Evan McPherson. It was one of the most memorable games in Paycor Stadium history.

After two sacks and winning the toss in overtime, the Bengals found themselves in a third-and-18 situation. Browning stopped what was almost a third-and-18 when he sent a 30-yard jump ball bomb to wide receiver Tee Higgins on the sideline. Despite the loud cries of head coach Zac Taylor, it seemed like Higgins was pummeled on the play just in front of the Bengals bench. However, there was no flag raised.

However, without outstanding nose tackle DJ Reader, the Bengals defense line stormed back to stop a fourth-and-inches at their own 42. Browning then executed a fantastic third-and-nine scramble against a fierce blitz, and slot receiver Tyler Boyd added an even bigger 44-yard catch and run to set up McPherson’s second overtime victory in three games.

In front of 66,376 spectators, Higgins completed one of the most exciting fourth quarters in Paycor history with a leaping catch at the Vikings 1 and, with 39 seconds remaining, a reverse pivot and a swipe of his right hand over the right front pylon to tie the game at 24. Higgins was then pushed out of bounds by cornerback Akayleb Evans.

During regulation, Browning completed 28 of 39 passes for 280 yards, including three touchdowns in the fourth quarter. As Higgins made his game-winning play, Browning fired the last pass off his back foot under a blitz. In winning a quarterback battle against Vikings quarterback Nick Mullens in his first start in two years, he completed 29 of 42 passes with two touchdowns, an interception, and a passer rating of 97.7. In 303 yards and two interceptions, Mullens scored 99.9 on 26 of 33 passes.

The Bengals erased a 17-3 lead in that wild fourth quarter, but Pro Bowl wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase was sidelined for the game’s tying score due to a shoulder injury sustained earlier in the period. With 7:46 remaining, the game was knotted at 17 when running back Joe Mixon completed a crazy fourth-and-one from the Vikings 1 with one of the most clutch and creative goal-line runs in recent Paycor memory.

Ivan Pace Jr. of the Vikings lined up Mixon in the backfield, but his second attempt knotted the score. After Browning successfully eluded an intentional grounding call and connected Chase for 24 yards over the middle on third-and-21, the play seemed to be set up. However, Chase later complained of a shoulder injury. Justin Jefferson of LSU led Minnesota with 84 yards on seven catches, while Chase finished with a team-high 64 yards on four catches.

Despite the pressure in his face, Browning lofted a 13-yard touchdown ball over Higgins’ shoulder in the left corner of the end zone to trim the Bengals’ lead to 17-10 on the opening play of the fourth quarter. Browning then ran 61 yards.

Loud noise engulfed Payor. Following Mixon’s score, linebacker Germaine Pratt seemed to give the Bengals the lead when he leapt in front of Justin Jefferson, a wide receiver, for a 44-yard pick six. But when Trey Hendrickson, the right end, was flagged for offsides, it crossed the board.

With just five plays remaining, the Vikings responded to take a 24–17 lead with 3:48 remaining.

With their second snap of the game, the Bengals lost their defensive focal point when Reader, their dominant nose tackle, was carried off the field due to a knee injury.

Taking advantage of a turnover, the Vikings accomplished in the third quarter what the Bengals were unable to do in the first half. Browning attempted a sideline hit on tight end Irv Smith Jr. at the Vikings 43. Browning attempted to dump it in front, but Akayleb Evans leaned back for the pick, setting up Greg Joseph’s 39-yard field goal with 4:32 remaining in the third to give the Vikes a 17-3 lead. Smith was being followed closely by safety Harrison Smith.

After entering the locker room, Minnesota launched a gutsy 92-yard touchdown drive to take a 14-3 lead in the third quarter. After breaking off a 27-yard run to the right perimeter on the first play of the half, Bengals defensive tackle Cam Sample caught Vikings wide receiver Mullens by the ankle and, as he fell backward, flipped the ball to wide receiver Jordan Addison over the middle. Running back Ty Chandler finished the half with a career-high 132 yards on 5.7 carries. Reverse cornerback DJ Turner tried diving to bring it down in front of him, but Addison managed to snag it only a few inches above the ground. He looked toward the end zone, but there was nobody there.

The Bengals’ defense kept the Vikings to a 7-3 lead at halftime, despite their inability to take advantage of Mullens’ two interceptions in the first half.

Mullens pulled into the Mike Hilton Show toward the end of the first half. He had just hit tight end T.J. over the middle at the Bengals 15-yard line.

Hockenson after connecting on four of his first five third downs.

After that, Hilton dominated on a first-down run and tackled Chandler for a one-yard loss in the backfield. With 4:06 remaining in the half, Hilton cradled a low throw in front of him near the goal-line for a major red-zone interception. This was followed by Mullens trying to target Jefferson in the middle of the end zone on third-and-10, but he was double-covered. This season, the Bengals have allowed zero points inside the 20 for an NFL-high 11 times.

The Bengals, though, were unable to capitalize. When Browning couldn’t get rid of the ball, Vikings defensive coordinator Brian Flores launched one of his blitz looks, which led to Browning holding the ball. Pro Bowl sacker Danielle Hunter then downed Browning for a 14-yard loss.

The Vikings appeared to be going up by at least 10-3 after some more red-zone brilliance. On the following snap, tackle B.J. Hill grabbed Mullens and was tossing him to the ground for another sack, but freshman edge Myles Murphy sacked Mullens out of the red zone at the 22. Nevertheless, Hill made a juggling catch for his second interception in three quarters as Mullens attempted to throw it away, hitting Hill’s head squarely. Hill was lying on his back at the time.

In the red zone twelve times without scoring any points.

However, the Bengals were unable to cash in on Mullens’ two first-round choices in the first half as Minnesota outyarded the Bengals 188-101, 424-378. Browning gained 81 yards on his last half nine of 15, but he was due for more. Higgins was set up for a 40-yard jump ball by Browning with six seconds left at the Vikes 30 following Hill’s play, and Higgins just missed bringing it in.

Before the last play of the half, the Bengals ran it seven times for a total of 28 yards. Boyd and Higgins had no catches, but Chase had two receptions for 24 yards and Jefferson had three for 32 in the first half.

Lou Anarumo, the defensive coordinator for the Bengals, stated last week that Reader has been his most reliable player so far this year. On the first play of the match, the large and gifted nose tackle was removed off the field due to injury, thus the Vikings took aim at the Bengals run defense to a knee injury.

Shortly after Reader was injured, D.J. Ivey, a promising rookie cornerback who usually plays gunner on special teams, had a knee injury while covering a punt. Ivey covered his eyes with his jersey as he was wheeled off the field.

irrespective of harmed No. 1 running back Alexander Mattison unavailable on the NFL’s 27th-ranked run game, Minnesota carried the ball nine times for 33 yards to score a touchdown on its first opening the second one in the preceding eight quarters and its second drive of the year. Following eight runs for 33 yards and a touchdown from only one yard out, Chandler put the Vikes ahead 7–3.

Linebacker Troy Dye hit Browning with a monster of a pass as he hit Chase with a beautiful pass over his shoulder down the right sideline for 25 yards. By trying some razzle-dazzle, the Vikings 12 set themselves up for a third-and-one. While the play was in motion, tight end and previous high school and professional quarterbacks Tanner Hudson tried to pass it back to Browning, but he was unsuccessful to find someone rolling correctly. Halfway throughout the first quarter, McPherson’s 34-exterior field goal gave the Bengals a 3-0 lead. As an outcome, he was down four yards. It took just one drive for the Bengals to accomplish what the Raiders were unable to accomplish all week against Minnesota Score.

Higgins mishandled a 15-yard throw down the right sideline on the game’s opening play, thus Browning should have been six for six. Browning completed five of his six passes for 56 yards.

Subsequently, on the game’s third drive, Browning appeared to have a chance to throw for a 56-yard touchdown on third-and-15. Charlie Jones, a rookie wide receiver, was wide open at the 12, and he fired it high and deep down the center, just missing his fingers.


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