‘It’s pretty hard,’ says Klay Thompson of his most recent benching in the Warriors victory.


In the realm of professional basketball, the players who lead their teams to victory are frequently the ones that receive the most attention. One of these legends is Klay Thompson, who is well-known for his accuracy with the shot and his significant contributions to the Golden State Warriors. But recent circumstances have changed his position, ultimately leading to a benching during a pivotal game. This piece delves into Klay Thompson’s most recent benching during the Warriors victory, examining the difficulties and feelings that come with such a big shift.

After being left out of the starting lineup for Monday’s 109-98 victory over the Brooklyn Nets, the star player for the Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson, said it has been “very hard” to watch some of the most crucial moments of activities from the sidelines. This was Thompson’s second consecutive game without being in the closing lineup.

When questioned whether it has been difficult to acclimate to his new job, Thompson said, “Yeah.” “Are you joking me? Go from one of the top players, you know? It’s challenging for everyone.

“I will be truthful with you. It’s really challenging.

With 7:19 remaining in the game, Thompson—who ended 4-for-9 from the field, including 0-for-3 from outside the 3-point arc—left the game in favor of guard Moses Moody, who stayed glued to the bench the remainder of the way. He observed Warriors coach Steve Kerr decide to substitute youngster Gui Santos for Thompson late in the game. Prior to Monday night, Santos had played a combined total of 61 minutes in eight NBA games.

After doing the same way in Golden State’s victory against Memphis on Friday, Kerr closed with Thompson in the team’s defeat on Saturday following Andrew Wiggins’ ankle injury late in the first half, which prevented him from playing again.

Due to the ankle injury, Wiggins was still out of commission on Monday. But rather than starting Thompson for the final stretch, Kerr started Santos with rookies Jonathan Kuminga and Brandin Podziemski in addition to veterans Draymond Green and Stephen Curry, who led Golden State with 29 points in the victory at Barclays Center.

After stating that he stayed with that team because they were “competing and executing plays and that they had the popularity,” Kerr acknowledged that Thompson had had a challenging season.

Kerr said, “He’s OK.” He has had a lot of ups and downs over this season. A Hall of Fame athlete’s journey through injuries is not easy, and growing older is never easy for any player. This is especially true for a person like him. However, he has a strong mentality.

Thirty-four-year-old Thompson suffered an ACL tear in the 2019 NBA Finals in Game 6, and an Achilles tear the following year lost him the whole 2019–20 and 2020–21 seasons. Thompson turns 34 on Thursday.

The next season, he averaged 21.9 points plus shot 41% from 3-point range as the Warriors ultimately fell to the Los Angeles Lakers in the subsequent round of the playoffs. He had returned to assist Golden State win the NBA title in 2022.

However, Thompson’s performance this season has declined. His average of 17.1 points is the lowest it has been since his second NBA season. He is also shooting at career lows of 37.1% from three-point range and 41.5% from the field. As this was going on, young players like Podziemski, Kuminga, and Moody made progress, which meant that Thompson’s role was always a plot point.

After the game, Thompson remarked in his locker, “Physically, I feel great.” “It’s undoubtedly a little different narrative mentally. However, that is life, huh?”

With that, Green broke up Thompson’s group and said, “So who f—ing cares?” following his admission to having might have been eliminated to play an NBA Finals play in previous years.

Thompson, to his credit, went out of his way to congratulate Santos, who ended with 9 points, 5 rebounds, and a team-best plus-13 in 18 minutes. He also constantly expressed his happiness for his youthful teammates, praising Kuminga (28 points) and Podziemski for their performances.

Thompson remarked, “I’ve come to terms with it.” “I’m glad for these young guys, even though I could be angry.” True enough. Our victory. Plus, winning in this league is difficult.

“Santos gave a really good performance. For Gui, I’m delighted. Really, this is astonishing. He’s a member of The [G League], so why would he come here and leave such an impression? Fantastic.”

After playing 34 minutes in the last three games, Santos—a 21-year-old rookie from Brazil who was selected with the 55th overall choice in the 2022 NBA draft—has already played more minutes than he did in the Warriors’ first 54 games of the season (35). Kerr called Santos “amazing” during Monday’s victory.

“Everyone’s here consistently says be mentally prepared when you’re offered some chance to be on the basketball court and perform,” Santos commented. “So after I saw I ought a couple hours on the court, I recognized that I had to bring excitement onto the squad, especially physically.”

The Warriors, who are now 22-25 with their victory, had yet another strange night on Monday in a season full of them. This five-game East Coast tour will come to an end on Wednesday with games in Philadelphia and Thursday with games in Indiana, helping the Warriors to make it past the trade deadline.

At precisely two-thirds of the way throughout the season, Golden State remains in 12th spot within the Western Conference, a game behind the Utah Jazz in 10th, a percentage point behind the Houston Rockets in 11th, and a half-game beyond the Los Angeles Lakers in ninth.

The Warriors must not only climb the West rankings, but also contend with the fact that Thompson’s spot in Golden State’s lineups is a moving target, especially during crucial game situations.

He wants to be outside on the floor, I know that. He’s victorious. H”I know he wants to get better at launching,” Thompson said.e is a man who has contributed more than anyone to our whole achievement. The difficulty we all face as we advance in our professions is the changes we must all make in order to strive to keep winning at the greatest possible level.

“There are ebbs and flows in the way this game functions. The season has its ups and downs, as well as moments when you should be shining. You must remain inside and be prepared. I haven’t had a direct conversation with him about it, but the main points are to be upbeat, be prepared, and perform for thirty minutes. Additionally, you’ve made several smart plays for us. Thus, just remember that everything works out in the end.”

Comprehending Klay Thompson’s Benchmarks:

Several high points in Klay Thompson’s NBA career have included multiple titles and choices as an All-Star. He has, however, encountered obstacles and failures along the road, just like every athlete. Whether it’s injuries or shifting dynamics within the club, Thompson’s ability to bounce back from setbacks has been a consistent trend throughout his career.

The fact that Klay Thompson was just benched during a Warriors victory highlights how erratic professional sports can be. Even with his incredible record, Thompson was left off the field for a period of the game, which surely caused him to feel conflicted. He then said, “It’s really hard,” expressing the aggravation and despair that may arise in these kinds of circumstances.

What Effect It Has on Team Dynamics:

The coaching staff frequently uses strategic reasons to choose whether to bench a star player such as Klay Thompson. Regarding the Warriors, this choice could have been impacted by the group’s strength and changing style of play. Well-established veterans like Thompson could have to adjust to new roles when younger players come into action and new strategies are employed.

Although benching Thompson may have been a tactical decision, it also affects morale and team relationships. His attitude toward this task sets the tone for the rest of the club, since he is a well-liked veteran and leader in the Warriors’ locker room. Even in the face of failure, Thompson never wavers in his professionalism or dedication to the team’s success, which motivates his teammates.

Dealing with Expectations and Emotions:

Dealing with the emotional ups and downs of professional sports is a natural part of the job for great athletes like Klay Thompson. They must learn to handle extreme pressure and scrutiny from supporters, the media, and their own internal expectations—from the peaks of success to the valleys of failure.

A insight into the psychological toll that such events may exact is provided by Thompson’s open admission of the challenges he experienced when benched. Basketball players have to continually adjust to shifting conditions while maintaining their unwavering commitment to the game, which is a world of sacrifice and perseverance behind the gloss and glamor of NBA greatness.

What Part Do Adaptability and Resilience Play?

The genuine nature of a player emerges when faced with difficulty. Resilience and flexibility, which have characterized Klay Thompson’s career, are best shown by his reaction to being benched. He keeps his attention on how he can help his team succeed in whatever role he is asked to do, instead than dwelling on the setback.

A characteristic of brilliance in both sports and life is the capacity to accept change and overcome challenges. Thompson’s story is an inspiration to the strength of tenacity and willpower, whether it is about overcoming a career-threatening injury or embracing a new position on the court.

Examining the Future:

There’s no question that Klay Thompson and the teammates of the Golden State Warriors will face more obstacles and victories in their pursuit of greatness. Although his most recent benching would have been difficult to accept, it also offers a chance for development and introspection.

True champions are made in the furnace of competition. For both spectators and aspiring sportsmen, Klay Thompson’s fortitude in the face of difficulty is an inspiration and source of hope. One thing is clear as he navigates the highs and lows of playing professional basketball: his unrelenting dedication to greatness and indomitable spirit are going to keep burning brightly, paving the way for future generations.


A sobering reminder of the intricacies present in professional sports is provided by Klay Thompson’s most recent benching during the Warriors’ victory. On their path to success, athletes like Thompson must traverse a wide range of emotions and difficulties, from the rush of victory to the anguish of failure. Even if obstacles could try their perseverance, it’s how they handle difficulty that really determines their legacy. When it comes to Klay Thompson, his tenacity and unshakable dedication to his team are an inspiration to anybody who has ever dared to hope for the highest level of athletic success.


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