Through a Carabao Cup victory, Pochettino may save Chelsea’s season.


The course of a season can abruptly alter in the wild world of football. Chelsea, a group renowned for its tenacity and accomplishments, is presently going through a difficult season. But there is cause for optimism, as Mauricio Pochettino, an unlikely hero, may be the spark that ignites a stunning comeback. The prospect of Pochettino leading Chelsea to victory looms enormous as the Carabao Cup progresses. We will look at how the Argentine tactician could be able to save Chelsea’s season and bring trophy back to Stamford Bridge in this post.

Mauricio Pochettino has finally satisfied his desire to play in an English cup final after nine long years of waiting. The Chelsea head coach will need to win the Carabao Cup, though, so simply making it to the final next month won’t do.

Chelsea’s decisive 6-1 victory against Middlesbrough in the second leg of the semifinals at Stamford Bridge ensured that the Blues will play in their first Carabao Cup final since their 2022 loss to Liverpool. If they defeat Fulham in Wednesday’s second leg at Craven Cottage, they will face Jurgen Klopp’s men once more on February 25. Liverpool has a 2-1 advantage after the first leg. Although Chelsea has often made it to the FA Cup and Carabao Cup finals in recent years, Pochettino has always been seen negatively due to his inability to produce a comparable level of success during his five and a half years at Tottenham.

Pochettino’s record in knockout competitions is dismal, with the exception of his one Coupe de France title with Paris Saint-Germain in 2021. His only other victories come against Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea in the Carabao Cup final in 2015 and the Liverpool team in the UEFA Champions League final four years later in Madrid.

It was unusual for Pochettino to appear at Tottenham that he was considering the domestic cups seriously. The claim that he wasn’t fully dedicated to either cup was met by his reaction, which stated that Spurs’ primary goal was to qualify for the Champions League through either winning or placing in the Premier League’s top four. Hence, in six Carabao Cup efforts with Spurs, just one final—a loss against Chelsea—was achieved, while the best two FA Cup campaigns yielded losses were semifinals.

When Tottenham lacked the financial wherewithal and depth in its team to contend on four fronts, Pochettino was free to select his priorities; at Chelsea, however, this is not the case.

Chelsea has been a strong competitor in every tournament since the Russian businessman Roman Abramovich’s purchase in 2003, and they have won every competition many times in the previous 20 years. The terms of engagement have not altered under Chelsea’s new American owners, notwithstanding Abramovich’s exit as owner in 2022, which followed the UK government’s freezing of his assets due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The team still expects to succeed. However, Chelsea has appeared to be a long way from success at times since the Abramovich deal was finalized in May 2022. Pochettino is their fourth manager in that span, and despite spending £910 million on 25 new players, more players have left the team.

Although Pochettino’s youthful squad is still in its form and Chelsea does not yet appear to be a title contender, they are gradually improving and becoming more reliable. Chelsea had won five straight games in all competitions, and they did it with ease because to huge performances from Cole Palmer, Enzo Fernández, and Raheem Sterling.

Palmer tallied twice, Sterling set up three goals in the first half, and Fernandez added a goal to cap off an impressive effort. Chelsea’s crushing victory was sealed by an own goal by Jonny Howson, one each from Axel Disasi and Noni Madueke, and a late strike by Morgan Rogers to give Boro hope in the 88th minute. Therefore, even after Pochettino’s six months in command of Chelsea, there has been a great deal of turmoil and instability. The only way to celebrate this improvement would be to win a significant title.

Maybe Pochettino is more affected by it than Chelsea is. It’s true that Chelsea is a winning team at all times, but Pochettino must win awards to prove he is among the best in the league. Similarly, developing young squads who are exciting, as he did at Southampton and Spurs before to that, is insufficient if the end result is not a title.

Chelsea will be the favorites to win when they play Fulham, their neighbors in London, at Wembley next month, but Pochettino’s team will be the underdogs when they play Liverpool. However, no matter who Pochettino’s team plays at Wembley, they will do so with the expectation that comes with playing for any of the elite teams. Only Manchester City has won more trophies than Chelsea over the last ten years.

The club have exceptional skill, and its coach, who has yet to establish his worth, is surrounded by trophy-winning players like Sterling, Palmer, and Thiago Silva. Though they are still far from perfect, Chelsea is now only one victory away from taking home a trophy, which is a favorable position for the group and Pochettino to be in given his brief tenure at the squad since arriving in the summer.

1. Evaluating the Present Challenges of Chelsea

The difficulties Chelsea is now facing must be understood in order to fully appreciate the possible influence of Mauricio Pochettino on the team’s season. Chelsea has struggled in the league and other tournaments due in part to injuries, poor play, and a lack of cohesiveness. It’s clear that something has to shift in terms of momentum, and the Carabao Cup offers a great chance to start over.

2. The Success History of Pochettino

As one of the smartest and most forward-thinking managers in contemporary sport, Mauricio Pochettino has gained recognition. He shown his ability to assemble competitive teams that can contend for championships during his time at Tottenham Hotspur. Chelsea has the same ideals as Pochettino, who places a strong focus on youth development and plays a beautiful brand of football. He’s a prime prospect to turn Chelsea’s fortunes around because of his prior accomplishments.

3. Reviving Players and Overhauling Tactical

The tactical adaptability of Pochettino is one of the main reasons he may be the cure for Chelsea’s present problems. Pochettino has demonstrated the capacity to modify his strategy in light of the players at his disposal in order to best utilize their individual talents. Chelsea’s style of play might be revitalized with a tactical makeover, offering an innovative strategy that surprises opponents. Pochettino’s man-management abilities may also be able to bring out the best in each member of the team by revitalizing underperforming individuals.

4. Section Rotation and Youth Development

Young players have always been developed by Chelsea, and Pochettino’s dedication to this aspect of the game fits very well with the club’s ethos. A youthful and enthusiastic team might be infused by using the Carabao Cup as a platform for emerging talent. It’s also possible that Pochettino’s deliberate rotation of the team may lighten the load on vital players, allowing them to provide their best effort when the chips are down.

5. The Carabao Cup Winning Effect on the Mind

Psychologically, winning the Carabao Cup might be a game-changer for Chelsea this season. The team as a whole may benefit from the increased confidence and morale that comes with winning a prize. A strong second half of the season may be established by Pochettino’s ability to build a winning attitude in the players, who would then continue that momentum into league and other cup tournaments.

6. Club cohesion and fan connection

Pochettino is a manager that the supporters can relate to because of his friendly demeanor and enthusiasm for the game, in addition to his technical and tactical skills. The squad, management, and fans must present a unified front during difficult circumstances. The club may have a great vibe as a result of Pochettino’s ability to instill a feeling of togetherness and purpose in everyone, inspiring them to work for a single objective.


Finally, by guiding Chelsea to the Carabao Cup, Mauricio Pochettino has the opportunity to salvage the team’s campaign. He is the perfect choice for the position because of his track record of accomplishment, strategic intelligence, dedication to the development of young people, and abilities to motivate players. With the chance to win silverware and revive the team’s winning legacy, Chelsea supporters might be on the verge of a comeback under Pochettino’s leadership as the Carabao Cup campaign progresses. When Chelsea faces obstacles and emerges victorious from this stormy season, only time will tell if Pochettino is the ray of hope they need.


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