Olivia Rodrigo Apparently Doesn’t Have a Driver’s License, Hitches Ride With Jimmy Kimmel and His Kids.

Despite being one of the most well-known music performers in the world, Olivia Rodrigo doesn’t seem to have a driver’s license yet. The 19-year-old musician recently rode along with Jimmy Kimmel and his two children, Jane and Billy, to school.

Tuesday night, Kimmel made the surprise public on his late-night talk program. He claimed to have seen Rodrigo standing by the side of the road as he and his wife, Molly McNearney, were taking their children to school.

“I thought, ‘What is Olivia Rodrigo doing hitchhiking?'” stated Kimmel. “So I pulled over and asked her if she needed a ride.”

According to Rodrigo, she did, and she climbed into the back seat with Jane and Billy. After that, the four of them sang Rodrigo’s songs as they drove to school.

Jane said, “It had the greatest ride to school imaginable.”

A video of the trip was posted on Kimmel’s program, and it’s obvious that the kids loved it. They even persuaded her to teach them some new TikTok dances while they sang and danced to Rodrigo’s music.

Kimmel once questioned Rodrigo about whether or not she had her driver’s license. She declared, laughing, that she didn’t.

Kimmel spoke the line, “I thought you got it last week,” which was a reference to her song “Drivers License.”

“It’s not real,” Rodrigo answered.

The students greet Rodrigo with hugs when they arrive at school at the end of the film.

“Have a great day!” stated Molly. “It’s all downhill from here.”

Kimmel informed Rodrigo that hitchhiking is not safe after the children left.

“I’m sorry,” Rodrigo apologized. “I just — I haven’t got my driver’s license.”

What makes Olivia Rodrigo’s lack of a driver’s license noteworthy?

Some people might be perplexed as to why Olivia Rodrigo’s lack of a driver’s license is such a major concern. She is just 19 years old, after all. Still, there are a few reasons this is important.

Rodrigo is a major celebrity, to start. Many of her millions of admirers are young people who look up to her globally. Her willingness to hitchhike to school gives the message that imperfections are OK. It also serves as a reminder that common folks make up even the biggest superstars.

Second, “Drivers License” by Rodrigo is all about the liberties of driving. The joy of obtaining a driver’s license and being able to go places by yourself is captured in the song’s lyrics. Although it’s a little ironic, Rodrigo’s lack of a driver’s license adds a sympathetic element to the song.

Lastly, Rodrigo’s choice to take a rideshare to school demonstrates her humility. She simply could have had her manager or assistant take her to school, but she decided to hitchhike. This demonstrates her groundedness and her refusal to take her notoriety for granted.

What does Olivia Rodrigo’s tale teach us?

We can draw certain conclusions from Olivia Rodrigo’s narrative. First of all, imperfections are acceptable. All people make errors, and that’s acceptable. Secondly, it is crucial to maintain a humble and grounded demeanor despite your famous status. And lastly, never hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

The moral of Rodrigo’s narrative is that we should all treat one another with kindness. Offer to drive someone if you observe them in need of assistance. It may be the greatest ride of their lives, you never know.

In summary

The choice made by Olivia Rodrigo to ride to school with Jimmy Kimmel and his children serves as a welcome reminder that even the most famous individuals are simply normal people. It also demonstrates her modesty and grounded nature.

The moral of Rodrigo’s tale is that we should all try to be friendly to one another and provide assistance when we can. Who knows that maybe it will bring a smile to someone’s face.


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