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Mike Johnson picked as new GOP speaker nominee just hours after Tom Emmer drops bid.

Within hours after Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota withdrawing from the contest, Republicans on Tuesday chose Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana as their new candidate for House speaker.

As the party tries to come together behind a replacement for Kevin McCarthy, who was ousted as speaker in September, Johnson, a lower-ranking member of the House GOP leadership team, becomes the fourth Republican contender for speaker in less than three weeks.

Johnson’s nomination occurs at a time when the House GOP is bitterly split, with a vocal but tiny contingent of far-right members refusing to back any candidate they deem to be not conservative enough. It is unclear if Johnson will be able to garner the 217 votes required to be elected speaker on the House floor, despite the fact that Emmer’s decision to withdraw from the contest was perceived as a success for this group.

Johnson would be the first person from Louisiana to serve as speaker since Sam Rayburn, who held the job from 1940 to 1961, if he is elected. Johnson, a Republican conservative, is well known for being a fervent admirer of the late president Donald Trump. Additionally, he belongs to the House Freedom Caucus, a collection of conservative Republicans.

Johnson stated in a statement following his nomination that he was “honored” to have been selected by his peers and that he was “committed to leading the House Republican Conference in a bold and conservative direction.” In addition, he promised to cooperate with all conference participants, regardless of their ideologies, in order to “get the job done for the American people.”

The choice of Johnson as the Republican Party’s candidate for speaker is a reflection of the party’s severe splits. Emmer’s decision to withdraw from the race is a triumph for the far-right section of the party because he was viewed as a more moderate contender.

Johnson will need 217 votes to be elected speaker on the House floor, which is still up in the air. Some of the more moderate Republicans who are afraid about his conservatism will need to be won over. Additionally, he must guard against alienating his base of support, the far-right Republicans.

Johnson would have a lot of difficulties to overcome if he were chosen as speaker. In order to lead the Republican Party to victory in the 2024 midterm elections, he would need to bring it together. To pass legislation, he would also need to cooperate with Democrats.

What will Johnson’s nomination signify for the Republican Party’s future?

Johnson’s nomination is evidence of the Republican Party’s continued rightward shift. Although the majority of Republican voters share his conservative beliefs, some moderate and independent voters may be turned off by them.

A more partisan Congress with larger gulfs between the two parties may result if Johnson is chosen as speaker. Additionally, it could make it more challenging for the two parties to cooperate in order to enact legislation.

What are the speaker Johnson’s primary priorities?

As speaker, Johnson has declared that lowering taxes, cutting spending, and dereglement of the economy will be his major goals. Additionally, he has stated that he will strive to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and erect a wall between the United States and Mexico.


Johnson’s selection as the GOP’s candidate for speaker is a noteworthy milestone in American politics. Although it is uncertain whether he will receive the 217 votes required to be elected speaker on the House floor, his candidacy still reflects the severe splits that exist within the Republican Party.


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