Eagles’ dominance in the NFC has diminished after the 49ers’ defense destroyed them.

PHILADELPHIA – Upon reflection, a significant portion of this season has seemed like a loan for the Philadelphia Eagles.

A series of exhilarating demonstrations and suspenseful triumphs had shown resiliency and self-assurance, but they had also shown the weaknesses that give rise to the necessity of rallies. The offensive gets off to a poor start. The opposition’s defense is weak, particularly in the defensive backfield. It builds up deficits. We need heroes. Those victories did really make you tougher. There was a chance that these things would ultimately level out and the Eagles would run across a squad that was stronger than them and would not submit to their strong will.

They accomplished on Sunday, using the coaching of their well-known foe, the San Francisco 49ers, to upset the Eagles 42-19. The Eagles’ remarkable streaks came to an end with the loss. In 2023, they were 5-0 going into the game while down at halftime and had won five straight games when trailing by at least ten points. However, the 49ers’ arsenal of high-end weapons was too much for the Eagles defense, which had been questionable for much of the season and was thoroughly outclassed by the Buffalo Bills last week. Played after play, Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, and Georges Kittle prevailed. In their pursuit of the missed tackles, the defenders gave up.

The 49ers went on an incredible run after going three-and-out on their opening two drives. Over the course of six straight drives, they ran 47 plays, gained 450 yards (an average of 9.6 yards per play), and scored 42 points on six straight touchdowns thanks to a series of jet sweeps and motions that confused the defense. The Eagles’ enthusiasm was never fully restored, not even after a post-play altercation that led to the ejection of Dre Greenlaw and the legendary director of security for the Eagles, Dom DiSandro, whose involvement infuriated the 49ers but inspired a raucous cheer from the home fans as he exited the sideline.

“After almost the match, James Bradberry, an cornerback for the Eagles, reported that everybody gets to see anything the same ways when handling defense.” “Many jets and movements are carried out both ways. out in both before and after the snap. That created a dilemma for us.”

The 49ers converted eight of 11 third-down tries (two of which were on the opening two drives) and amassed 456 yards of offense against the Eagles, who were 4-for-4 in the red zone. Bradberry had to stop briefly when asked what needed to be done to perform better in the red zone.

McCaffrey’s rush over the left safeguard and Samuel’s 12-yard reverse run were two of the methods.

Bradberry remarked, “They’re more of a periphery team.” “We’ve got to be extra keyed on our guys and our objectives.”

The 49ers’ playmakers were pursued by the Eagles throughout the majority of the game, first down the center of the field and then along the perimeter close to the goal line. The Eagles’ lack of depth at linebacker has been an issue all season long. Free agent Shaq Leonard visited last week and is expected to decide on his future team in the coming days. The 49ers’ abundance of weapons allowed them to consistently generate mismatches, which put the Eagles at a disadvantage.

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni stated that it was difficult for him to determine whether the 49ers had altered their strategy following the game’s first two three-and-out drives because the sample size was just too tiny to determine the strategy. However, the 49ers began running the ball with McCaffrey on their third drive, which also happened to be the first play of the second quarter. This allowed the 49ers to take control of the game. To make matters worse, the Eagles’ uncharacteristically careless play resulted in the 49ers breaking tackles that they missed.This resulted in massive chunk plays; the last touchdown, for example, was scored by Samuel on a straightforward screen throw that he nearly completely missed for a 46-yard gain.

“Playing that team is difficult,” Sirianni said.

It won’t end with the Niners. The Eagles’ schedule is now undergoing a grueling stretch. In their consecutive victories over the Cowboys, Chiefs, and Bills, the Eagles defense played 92 plays on the field against the Bills. Although Sirianni stated that everyone is fatigued at this time of year, the Eagles’ legs appeared to be gone by the end of Sunday’s game.

“Ascribe it to our own incompetence,” Bradberry remarked. “Getting them in third-and-long was difficult. Since we play professionally, it is expected of us to make those moves.”

They will need to swiftly resume production of them. The Eagles, who are currently 10-2 and only one game ahead of the 49ers in the NFC East, take on the Cowboys in Dallas on Sunday night. The Cowboys would tie the Eagles for the same record if they won. The Eagles then go to Seattle.

What Sunday revealed perhaps the most daunting for the Eagles. They are not the NFC’s most dominating team, despite their record. That is the 49ers, who have been virtually invincible when healthy. The 49ers are 9-0 when Trent Williams, left tackle, and Samuel have played whole games. The 49ers’ defeat against the Eagles in the previous season’s NFC Championship Game was primarily due to health issues. The Eagles encountered the team they escaped on their route to the Super Bowl last year and may have to face again this time around in a rematch that was almost as lopsided as that game.

“This is a challenging team to face,” Bradberry remarked. “I’m hoping we see them again.”

Exercise caution when making wishes.


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