Dodgers fail to ‘cash in’ at plate, now look to ‘flip script’ in NLDS..


Despite having a reputation as one of baseball’s top offensive squads, the Los Angeles Dodgers have had trouble capitalizing on their chances in the 2023 National League Division Series.

The Dodgers lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks 7-1 in Game 1 despite leaving 11 runners on base. They lost Game 2 6-5 after leaving 10 runners on base.

The Dodgers had opportunities to win both games, but they were unable to come up with the big hit when they really needed it.

After Game 2, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts declared, “We’re not cashing in.” We’re putting players on base, but we’re not getting them into the game. We must devise a strategy to land that crucial hit.

There are several potential answers for the Dodgers’ offensive problems. They could aim to swing early in counts and be more aggressive at the plate. They might also attempt to bat for power by putting more balls in the air.

However, the Dodgers ultimately need to figure out how to get the big hit when it counts. They risk losing their chance to advance in the playoffs if they are unable to accomplish that.

  • Dodgers aim to “flip the script” in the NLDS

Despite being down 0-2 in the NLDS, the Dodgers are not about to give up. They are optimistic that they can still win the series since they are aware that they are a superior club to the Diamondbacks.

Trea Turner, the shortstop for the Dodgers, stated, “We’re not going to panic. We’ll merely enter the field and engage in our game. We are aware that doing so will result in our safety.

The Dodgers have the skill and the experience to win the series even though they will need to make a few tweaks. They have several seasoned players who have faced this challenge before and are aware of what it takes to prevail.

The starting pitchers for the Dodgers will also need to perform better. Both Walker Buehler and Clayton Kershaw had trouble in games 1 and 2, respectively.

The Dodgers’ bullpen will have a chance to relax and heal if they can extend the innings of their starting pitchers. Although the Dodgers’ bullpen is powerful, they cannot be counted on to bear the load in every game.

Additionally, the Dodgers’ offense needs to start producing more. They have a number of talented hitters, but so far in the playoffs they haven’t been able to gel as a team.

The Dodgers will be a difficult club to defeat if they can start hitting the ball and getting runners in. They have a strong and talented roster, so they can easily recover from this 0-2 deficit.

  • How to ‘cash in’ for the Dodgers at the plate

The Dodgers can take a variety of actions to ‘cash in’ at the plate and start scoring more runs.

They may try being more aggressive at the plate. They need to be more patient and wait for their pitch because they have been swinging at many first pitches during the playoffs.

The Dodgers can also increase the number of balls they throw into the air. They need to start hitting for more power because they have been hitting a lot of ground balls during the postseason.

Additionally, the Dodgers must start receiving more output from their bottom of the order. Their bottom of the order needs to start contributing more because they have been relying on their top hitters to shoulder the load.

The Dodgers will be in an excellent position to start scoring more runs and winning more games if they can implement some of these changes.

In the NLDS, the Dodgers’ offense needs to step it up.

So far in the NLDS, the Dodgers’ offense has been a significant letdown. In two games, they have only managed to score 11 runs while leaving 21 runners on base.

Even though the Dodgers have a number of great hitters, they haven’t been able to gel throughout the postseason. They have been failing to make enough contact and struck out too frequently.

The Dodgers must find a way to accelerate their offensive tempo. They need to start hitting the ball and bringing runners in if they don’t want to lose their playoff hopes.

The following actions the Dodgers’ hitters can take will help them perform better.


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