A Levittown man is accused of decapitating his father. After, he uploaded a graphic YouTube video.


A horrific tragedy that shook the calm suburban neighborhood of Levittown sent shockwaves across the country. A local guy is accused of doing the unimaginable, which is to decapitate his own father. He posted a terrifying video of the aftermath on YouTube, which only served to highlight how horrific the act was. We will examine the specifics of the horrific deed committed by the Levittown guy in this in-depth blog article, as well as potential motivations, the function of social media, and wider societal ramifications.

A Levittown man has been charged with murder after authorities claim he killed his father and uploaded a graphic video of his head on social media while raving about murdering federal employees.

Described as the victim’s youngest son, Justin Mohn was hauled into custody near Fort Indiantown Gap, almost 100 miles from the Upper Orchard Drive residence where authorities discovered Michael Mohn’s severed head on Tuesday. According to Middletown Police Lt. Pete Feeney, he was taken back to Bucks County and charged with murder at midnight.

He stated that the reason Mohn, 32, ran away to Fort Indiantown Gap, which is home to a sizable National Guard Training Center, is still a mystery and that authorities are still piecing together a sequence of events.

“There are many unresolved issues, and he refuses to communicate with us on the incident. Well, he’s talking, but not about this, Feeney remarked as he stood outside Mohn’s home on Wednesday shortly before sunrise.

Mohn is further accused of abusing a body and possessing a weapon of crime. Later on Wednesday, further charges could be brought. According to Feeney, he is being held at Bucks County Prison.

“We were called to the residence and upon entering, the officers found the father deceased on the upstairs,” stated Joseph Bartorilla, the chief of Middletown Police, outside the scene late on Tuesday night.

As his son had revealed to the world in a YouTube video the previous day, Michael Mohn, 68, had been decapitated, authorities verified this on Wednesday morning.

The 14-minute video was uploaded on YouTube by Justin Mohn on Tuesday at about 5:30 p.m. Mohn claims it is her father, a former government employee of more than 20 years, and hands up a plastic-wrapped, beheaded head. His aggressive, anti-government outbursts on camera included a description of his father as a “traitor”.

Just who is Justin Mohn?Levittown guy who composed music and sued the government after seeing a video of his execution on YouTube

The weapon used in the beheading was “some sort of edged weapon,” however Feeney was unable to specify which one.

At around 7 p.m., police were summoned to the tidy, green-shuttered Jubilee-style home. The body of her husband was discovered by Denice, Justin Mohn’s mother, when she got home.

According to Feeney, her screams prompted the call of police from at least one neighbor.

Mohn’s Militia and a ‘Call to arms’ via YouTube

In the clip, which seems to have been shot in a bedroom, Justin Mohn describes his father as “a traitor to his country who is now in hell for eternity.”

In the video, Mohn poses as the “Commander” of the United States’ nationwide network of militias. He refers to this network as Mohn’s Milita, and the name of his YouTube channel, which as of Tuesday night had eight videos and 15 followers.

Before YouTube removed the video, it had received over 5,000 views. The reason given was that it violated the platform’s policy against violent and graphic material.

Bartorilla declined to comment on the video’s contents or the items police discovered at the Upper Orchard Drive and 100 block crime scene on Tuesday night. All he would say was that the footage had been seen by investigators.

In a manifesto-style tirade, Mohn urges his supporters to take action against government employees in the video, which this news organization examined. Call to Arms for American Patriots is the title of this article.

Watch the footage after the beheading in Levittown.

He indicates that he now leads and controls “America’s police and military,” demands the death penalty for government workers, and places bounty on the head of the FBI, the Attorney General, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court after brandishing what looks to be his father’s bloodied skull.

His criticisms are directed on the Black Lives Matter movement, the LGBTQ community, and “terrorist organizations such as anti-fa.” He demands that government facilities be seized and argues that federal workers need to be “publicly executed for betraying their country.”

Mohn adds that state employees and authorities need to be spared damage and that his call to action is limited to federal personnel exclusively.

“His siblings are known to me. When it comes to Mohn, Bartorilla stated, “We have instructed (the victim’s wife) to let them know beforehand, or the video will be sent to them.”

Some members of the community who know us and who also know him and his family are getting in touch with us. We’re also hearing a lot. The calls we’re receiving clearly indicate how well-known he is in the neighborhood.”

Feeney claimed that over the years, Middletown and Justin Mohn have had “several contacts,” but nothing significant or illegal.

I. The Crime Revealed:

A. The gruesome scene

The horrific incident happened in the center of Levittown, where a once-quiet community served as the setting for a graphic murder. Authorities characterize the scene that the accused, [Name], left behind as both startling and unsettling. The accused is suspected of beheading his father in their family home.

B. A video on YouTube

In an odd turn of events, [Name] posted videos of the horrific act’s aftermath on YouTube. The horrifying event was captured on the video, which went viral very fast. This calls into question the part that social media plays in the commission and aftermath of these kinds of crimes.

II. Dissecting the Intent:

A. Dynamics of Families:

Investigators are looking into the idea that family ties were a major factor in this horrific conduct as they examine the accused’s life and connection with his father. It will be essential to identify prior conflicts, strained relationships, or underlying mental health concerns in order to comprehend the motivation behind such a horrifying crime.

B. Assessment of Mental Health:

It is impossible to overlook the possible connection between mental illness and the commission of such a heinous crime. A thorough mental health assessment will probably reveal any underlying psychiatric issues that may have aided in the escalation of violence within the family while [Name] is awaiting trial.

III. What Social Media Can Do

A. Nostalgia and Exploration:

Important considerations concerning the function of social media in contemporary culture are brought up by the choice to post a video of the crime scene on YouTube. What could possibly motivate someone to broadcast such a horrific tragedy to the entire world? To comprehend this unsettling tendency, it becomes imperative to analyze the psychology of seeking shock value and the possible voyeuristic impulses of internet viewers.

B. Responsibilities on Social Media:

The event brings to light the negative aspects of social media, and it makes YouTube and other networks accountable. How can these platforms strike a compromise between the ethical requirements of avoiding the spread of graphic and violent content and the requirement for freedom of expression? This case opens up a larger discussion regarding the obligation and role of social media companies in preventing the dissemination of damaging information.

IV. Effect on the Community:

A. Healing after trauma:

The repercussions of this unfathomable tragedy is still being felt by the residents of Levittown. It is impossible to overestimate the psychological toll that the crime scene has on the neighborhood, particularly on children and neighbors living nearby. Following an event as terrible as this one, it becomes imperative to investigate the pathways of trauma recovery and communal healing.

B. Consolidating Community Assistance Networks:

The community of Levittown has to unite in the wake of this tragedy in order to fortify support networks. This covers measures to promote resilience, community outreach programs, and mental health services. We may learn lessons from this experience that can help prevent such tragedies in the future by looking at how communities can come together in the midst of hardship.


The tranquil suburban village of Levittown has gained national attention due to the actions of a man accused of murdering his father and posting the graphic aftermath on YouTube. It is crucial to explore the many facets of this tragedy as the judicial process progresses, from figuring out the motivations behind such horrific crimes to looking at social media’s involvement and its wider effects on society. We may endeavor to stop such occurrences and build stronger, more resilient communities by carefully examining and discussing the situation.


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