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Taylor Swift cheers on Travis Kelce at Kansas City Chiefs game as ‘Eras Tour’ movie opens in theaters..

Taylor Swift has a full schedule. One of the top pop performers in the world, she recently unveiled a brand-new concert movie called “Eras Tour.” She also enjoys watching sports, and on Thursday night she found time to go Arrowhead Stadium to support the Kansas City Chiefs and her suspected boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

Swift was seen in the crowd supporting Kelce and the rest of the squad while sporting a Chiefs shirt. The wife of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Mahomes, was also spotted being hugged by her.

With six catches for 98 yards, Kelce had a strong day for the Chiefs as they defeated them 19-8. Kelce was questioned about Swift’s backing following the game.

It’s always nice to have her around, Kelce said. She loves the Chiefs a lot and is constantly encouraging. It’s good to see her among everyone.

Swift attended the Chiefs game just one day after the debut of her new concert movie, “Eras Tour.” A documentary chronicling Swift’s 2022 tour, the movie includes clips from each of her musical phases, from country to pop.

Both reviewers and viewers have praised the movie, and it is anticipated to do well at the box office. The fact that Swift was able to share her music with her fans, however, is what matters most to her.

At the film premiere, Swift remarked, “I’m very thankful for the opportunity to share my songs with the world. “This film is a celebration of all of my eras, and I’m overjoyed to share it with my fans.”

In recent months, there has been a lot of conjecture over Swift’s connection with Kelce. The two have been sighted together several times since they were first spotted at a Chiefs game in September.

Swift and Kelce haven’t formally acknowledged their romance, yet. However, based on their interactions with one another and body language, it appears that they are more than simply buddies.

Another indication that Swift and Kelce are dating is the fact that Swift attended the Chiefs game. Swift’s willingness to sacrifice time from her hectic schedule to support Kelce and his business shows that she is a fan.


It’s significant that Swift attended the Chiefs game for a number of reasons. She is showing Kelce and his career her support, first and foremost. Second, it provides more proof that the two are dating. Thirdly, it serves as a gentle reminder that Swift is a typical person who likes attending athletic events and rooting for her favorite teams.

It’s also important to note that Swift attended the game just one day after the debut of her latest concert movie. This implies that she is prepared to sacrifice her personal life in order to advance her job.

Swift’s participation at the Chiefs game is, all things considered, a good thing for her fans and her relationship with Kelce. It serves as a reminder that she is a straightforward individual who values the little things in life.

How will this affect the future?

It’s difficult to predict what Swift and Kelce’s relationship will look like in the future. However, the fact that they were there at the Chiefs game implies that they are committed to one another.

Additionally, Swift’s participation at the game may indicate that she’s thinking about relocating to Kansas City to be nearer to Kelce. Although Swift presently resides in Nashville, she has recently spent a lot of time in Kansas City.

Swift and Kelce’s future can only be predicted with time, but it is encouraging that they attended the Chiefs game. They appear to be enjoying their time together and are supportive of one another.


Despite her hectic schedule, Taylor Swift had time to support the Kansas City Chiefs and their reported boyfriend, Travis Kelce, on Thursday night at Arrowhead Stadium.

Swift’s presence at the game is a demonstration of her support for Kelce and his professional endeavors. Additionally, it’s more proof that the two are dating.


Taylor Swift managed to fit in some time on Thursday night at Arrowhead Stadium to cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs and their rumored beau, Travis Kelce.

Swift showed her support for Kelce and his career goals by being present at the game. It’s also additional evidence that the two are dating.


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