Officials say no sign of terrorism in US-Canada border blast that killed 2 on Rainbow Bridge.

In response to international outcry, federal officials closed four border checks on the American side of a U.S.-Canada border crossing at Niagara Falls on Wednesday after a speeding car on the American side blew up, killing two people.

The car that detonated contained the two bodies that were discovered. The Rainbow Bridge, which spans the Niagara River between the two nations, was the site of an explosion. The FBI’s field office in Buffalo announced late on Wednesday that it had completed its investigation into the incident.

“A search of the scene showed no explosives materials, and no terrorist nexus was identified,” the FBI stated in a statement.As part of a traffic investigation, the case has been over to the Niagara Falls Police Department.”

Within hours after the explosion, New York officials attempted to allay anxieties, even though the incident’s specifics were still unknown on Wednesday. According to a preliminary inquiry, there are no indications of terrorist participation, according to New York Governor Kathy Hochul.

Hochul said that no threats to the region were known to law authorities. She said that the automobile was burned and that its parts were extensively dispersed.

Mike Guenther, a witness, told WGRZ-TV that he seen a car rushing from the US side of the border toward the crossing when it swerved to escape another automobile, collided with a barrier, and burst.

Guenther told the channel, “All of a sudden he went up in the air and then it was a ball of fire like 30 or 40 feet high.” It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Attorney General Merrick Garland and President Joe Biden were informed about the explosion. Biden and his staff are keeping a close eye on events, the White House said.

In response to the possible danger, the Federal Aviation Administration first ordered a halt to foreign aircraft coming at and departing from Buffalo Niagara foreign Airport on Wednesday afternoon. The ban was removed after around two hours.

In a statement released on X, the Canada Border Services Agency stated that it is “aware of an evolving situation at Rainbow Bridge.”

“We are discussing this with our counterparts in the United States. The statement states that the FBI is in charge of the current investigation.

Michael Novakhov, an assemblyman from New York, posted on Facebook on Wednesday afternoon, saying that “all border crossings between the U.S. and Canada are still blocked, and nearby local government buildings were evacuated and shuttered.”

After an explosion near the Rainbow Bridge, New York City Mayor Eric Adams stated that his staff and the NYPD “have been closely monitoring the situation on the ground in Buffalo, and we’ve already sent NYPD officers upstate to support efforts on the ground.”


What transpired at the bridge’s intersection?

The car sped past a junction on a wet road, struck a low median, and sprang high into the air at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection area just east of the main vehicle checkpoint, according to security camera footage made public by the American authorities. Then, out of the camera’s vision, the automobile soared several yards and slammed into a row of booths.

The car’s driver, according to Hochul, was moving at a “extraordinarily high rate of speed” when it struck the median and took off into the air. She indicated there was a resident of Western New York participating.

According to Hochul, one border patrol agent who was working in the booth was hurt in the explosion.

The FBI special agent in charge of Buffalo, Matthew Miraglia, claims that no “derogatory” information on the driver has been discovered thus far.

Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York stated on Wednesday night that he had communication with the White House and the FBI. According to Schumer, investigators had discovered “no connection to any terrorist or criminal group” and there had been no discovery of chemicals or materials required to make bombs.


Amtrak suspends service, while US and Canadian airlines tighten security and cancel flights.

At Buffalo Niagara International Airport, there were cancellations of international flights. Customers who want to change their Wednesday flights due to possible interruptions were given a travel alert by Southwest Airlines, which operates 14 daily flights from Buffalo’s airport to six locations, according to spokeswoman Chris Perry.

In a statement issued on Wednesday afternoon, the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority advised tourists that although the airports in Buffalo and Niagara Falls are “fully operational,” additional security will be in place.

“In the response to the incident that is unfolding at the Rainbow Bridge, the NFTA is increasing security system-wide,” a statement issued by X says.

“To make themselves time for these additional safety measures in addition to their holiday travel,” was the advice given to travelers.


The Rainbow Bridge: What is it?

An arch bridge that links Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, with Niagara Falls, New York, USA, is called the Niagara Falls International Rainbow Bridge. It is possible to cross the bridge by bicycle, foot, or automobile.


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